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Dynamics NAV Licensing & Pricing

NAV pricing depends on many factors, including:

  1. Editions/Options
  2. Access Levels
  3. Hosting and Support Options
  4. Project-specific Elements (customizations, third-party add-ons, training, etc.)


NAV comes in one of two base editions:

  1. Business Essentials
  2. Advanced Management

Summary descriptions of each follow. For a chart showing the exact options available for each edition, please see this Microsoft PDF on Dynamics NAV Editions and Options.

Business Essentials

Business Essentials provides integrated financial management (general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and fixed asset management), as well the basic functionality required for sales order processing, purchase order processing, and inventory management. It lacks manufacturing and warehouse operations, as well as full business intelligence capabilities, and provides only limited support for project management and sales & marketing.

Additional options include the Jobs Suite (an addition to project management) and the ability to add a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional Server.

Advanced Management

Advanced Management offers everything Business Essentials does, but also completes the project management and sales & marketing core modules, as well as providing some but not all manufacturing capabilities (i.e. no advanced planning tools).

Additionally, Advanced Management can be selectively enhanced with additional options, referred to as “Advanced Management Enterprise” components. These components implement all remaining areas of NAV functionality, including advanced business intelligence, manufacturing planning, warehouse operations, and service management.

Access Levels

NAV licensing costs are ultimately calculated on a per-user basis (i.e. a user for whichever edition and additional options have been selected by the client). However, in recognition that not all users require the same level of access, Microsoft allows the following levels of access:

  • Full Access. User connects to NAV via the standard Windows interface and has access to all licensed functionality.
  • Limited Access. As the name implies, the user is allowed access only to specific components of the system. However, the nature of this access can be further broken down into:
    • Light User License, which allows limited access to NAV through methods other than the the standard client
    • Employee Self Service (ESS) User License, which allows access to NAV through methods other than the standard client, but only for employees to access such data as their profiles, time and attendance,etc.
    • Limited Device License, which licenses a named device for such tasks as data capture or printing that is accessing NAV through a means other than the standard client

Why so many access levels? This is actually for the customer’s benefit, as it allows customers to grant access to more users without having to pay for a full-time license for each user.

Hosting and Support Options

Each of these areas has its own page on this site, as follows:

Dynamics NAV Hosting Options

Dynamics NAV Support Options

The options selected in each case will have different prices associated with them, and thus play a part in computing NAV’s final price.

Project-Specific Elements

All the pricing elements described in the preceding sections involve standard NAV software.

Most NAV projects will also require NAV partners to provide additional services such as training, customizations, integration with third-party add-ons, etc. These may vary significantly from one project to another and therefore must be quoted on a project-by-project basis.

For more information, see:

Dynamics NAV Training Options

Dynamics NAV Third-party Add-ons

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To obtain a summary of the capabilities of each NAV core module, see Dynamics NAV Core Modules.

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